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i'm back

2010-05-15 14:07:55 by gigi6676

omfg i rose from the dead. miss me? probly not
well i 4got to mention that i wouldn't be coming back 2 dis siite ever again unless i make a new acount.


2009-10-23 23:11:49 by gigi6676

sorry i havn't been on 4 a while
i've been busy with school and crap
*sigh* so....much...homework
*pile of homework topples over*
ow! a paper cut!
*lick* yum! ^_____^
i see they put the Halloween decorations up, very nice ^^
i already know what i'm gonna be 4 halloween,
(if u don't know what they are, read or watch the "Outsiders"
except i'm gonna be a dude
no i'm not a lesbo
i just think that the dude greasers are cooler than the girl greasers ya know?
CANDY TIME!!! ^____^
I have found more songs!!! ^______^
like this one it's in jap. but it is SOO good!

/* */
and...hmm.* search mode*
oh! found it.

/* */
and the next one is on my ipod
it is so cool
explains me perfectly ;D

/* */
two more ^^

/* */
last one

/* */
hmmm. i think i already posted that one
oh well

/* */

/* */
lol i can't resist making fun of yugioh ^____^

/* */
yes it is the remake of soulja boy and it kicks ass



2009-09-26 16:22:15 by gigi6676

i'm back!
miss me?
well good news!
i have so many new songs to show all of u.
and i became even BETTER at my artistic skills in anime
well i think i'll post the 2 songs i have just found
both kill

/* */
and then this song

/* */
gorillaz is a pretty good band
next week's songs
there stuff is mostly rock and techno
well bye bye for now
please look at the new art i will put in the art portal
hopefully i won't get d-scouted again
and blood.



2009-09-04 21:16:25 by gigi6676

okay u know the story i'm makin right?
well if u don't ur a dumbass.
anyway, well i am clueless so the story is officialy canceled
*dun! dun! duuuun!* aye! shut the music off!
yeah, but don't worry, i'll make it a hit comic series when i'm older though,
and every once and awhile i'll make many stories with my friends on newgrounds in them, sound good?
i know, some of you hate me now right? oh well ^^
you'll learn to love me again, eventually.

check this song out!! linkin park rules!!
did you listen to it yet?
how was it?
hm, what else to wright about... aha! i know.
what the F*CK is with those dumbass, shit- animation, movie games huh!?
u know, right before they put out an animated film like "Coraline" and "Bolt", they have to get a cheap, awful animated, plot ruined, retarded video game?
those things SUCK!
ur face: 0_o
*sigh* sorry, had to get that off my chest.
hey, pop quiz!
who was the voice actor of Yami Bakura in the ENGLISH version in Yugioh?
the actor also played other characters in the english version of Yugioh.
can you name them all?
Hint: he plays 4 other characters BESIDES yami Bakura
have fun ^^
p.s. check out this song too!

/* */
OMFG! this song kicks ass! it's in that movie, 9


what the hell!?

2009-08-23 15:56:40 by gigi6676

sorry no ch today lter though ^^
heres a happy song it's funny because kaiba's supposed to be singing but he's an emo dick head enjoy ^^

/* */
this song has a good beat but the vid made me braf! *yack!!...ugh*

/* */
and this song is awesome!! it is crazy and funny (like me)

/* */
here are the lyrics:

Remember when you ran away
And I got on my knees
And begged you not to leave
Because I'd go beserk

Well you left me anyhow
And then the days got worse and worse
And now you see I've gone
Completely out of my mind

And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa
They're coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha haaa
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those nice young men
In their clean white coats
And they're coming to take me away ha haaa

You thought it was a joke
And so you laughed
You laughed when I said
That losing you would make me flip my lid

Right? You know you laughed
I heard you laugh. You laughed
You laughed and laughed and then you left
But now you know I'm utterly mad

And they're coming to take me away ha haaa
They're coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha haaa
To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to take me away ha haaa

I cooked your food
I cleaned your house
And this is how you pay me back
For all my kind unselfish, loving deeds
Ha! Well you just wait
They'll find you yet and when they do
They'll put you in the A.S.P.C.A.
You mangy mutt

And they're coming to take me away ha haaa
They're coming to take me away ha haaa ho ho hee hee
To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those nice young men
In their clean white coats

And they're coming to take me away
To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to take me away ha haaa!
good song's right?
please comment
ch. 5 coming soon ^_______________^

what the hell!?

ch. 4

2009-08-19 21:49:32 by gigi6676

okay here is ch.4 sorry it took so long
oh yeah, death2012, change your power please^^ thanx
anime vill episode 4
the fight
gigi's POV
Recap: "I've had enough of ur shit leedove!" Dslash said as he punched Leedove and she was flung backwards
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT 4!?" u asked him
"she got on my nerves and so have you" he said with a smirk (the teach is gone so let the fight began!!)
right now:
Gigi's POV:
he was now coming at u, fist ready, and punched u in the side of ur cheek, u stepped back a bit, face down, u barley felt a thing, u look up at him and smirk
"u shouldn't have done that" u say and chuckle u now came at him, but he was now behind u and punched u in the back "how," u began "the hell, did u get there!?"
"I slowed down time for a bit," he said and laughed "what? afraid to use YOUR powers? do u even have a power?"
Dslash's POV:
u laughed at her, then all the sudden, she held out her hand and dark purple, black lightning came out of her finger tips and came straight at u. u were flung backwards and she walked up to u, looked down at u, and smirked "had enough?" she asked. Tyler, Kura, and NSF came to help u up "why didn't u do something?" u asked Kura "if I was outside, she'd be dead right now" she said
"bye the way, I think I know who she is" "No Shit!" NSF said "she's Gigi! the new student!" "NO!!" she yelled at him "the legends of our home town, Adrian, there's one that says there was a girl who could summon the powers of all darkness with the snap of a finger, she was the one who destroyed the town the FIRST time," "wait" Tyler began "it was destroyed a FIRST time?" "yes" Kura said "but the king and queen were killed and so were their last living relatives so a man who was actually he king's long lost twin remade the city and kept it's evil, dark ways
which was a good but bad thing for us because it was invaded by the high prince of Yusho (more on this later) and was never rebuilt again, and here we are, waiting for the next air to the thrown."
"ah, I remember that legend" you said "hm, I wonder where the young prince of Adrian went anyway?"
you all look at that little pathetic gang (gigi, Danicos, leedove, zant, killy, josh) "I think it's one of them" Kura said "yeah" NSF said "I can sense it's one of them but theyare always next to someone so Its hard to tell who IT is."
to be continued
(me: sorry it's so short, I have school tomorrow and it's 8:00 pm *yawn*)
i love this song ^___________^

/* */
good right? i'll put some art up 4 the story later bye!

ch. 4


2009-08-15 14:05:54 by gigi6676

orry it took so long,i was in Texas and school starts on monday 4 me... danmit
anyway, here is chapter 3 i'm thinkin about making the series into a manga ^____^
good idea? let me know ^^
Anime vill episode 3
Recap: gigi's POV:
You sat down at a table and then some one tapped ur shoulder u turn around and it was-
Chapter 3 start!
Gigi's POV
U turn around and it was Kingzant
"Hey Kingzant!" u said
"You can just call me Zant" Zant said "do u want to sit with us?
"Sure ^^" u say as u get up and follow him to a circle lunch table. At the table were Killy, Josh, Leedove, Zant, u, and another kid with dark brown hair and a black sweater.
"Hi, Gigi" Killy said, "I don't think you have met Danicos"
he said an pointed to the kid with the brown hair
"hi" he said as he twirled his spork without even touching it
"cool!" you said as you sat down
"how did ja do that?" u asked him
(Danicos POV)
"how did ja do that?" gigi asked
"I dunno, I could do it since I was little... I think it's called telekinesis..." u told her
"Everyone in Anime vill has there own special gift" Leedove said, "it's like a power I guess, I can control wind"
"I can make it snow in the middle of August," Killy said
"I have fire" Josh said as he flicked his fingers and came a small spark of fire.
"DUDE!!" u said to josh "Put that out, man! do ya wanna get busted!?" Josh put the fire out
"and I can earth bend" Zant said.
"good! I thought I was the only one ^_^" gi sighed in relief
"what do ya mean?" u asked her
"well, it's hard to explain," Gigi started to say "I have the power of darkness"
"huh?" Josh said
"I get it," u said "u can control how dark it is and you can see into the worlds of darkness, right?"
"yes," Gig replied, "I can also send people ther too, and I'm sure there are other powers to the darkness as well, but I haven't discovered them yet."
"That," Josh begin "is a kick ass power!" everyone at the table laughed, so did u.
Gigi' s POV:
you guys spent the rest of the time talking about video games and comics and ur classes. then the bell rang
"Great," Killy said "next is P.E."
"that's my next class is!" u said
"actually" josh said, "everyone at this table has that class next"
"wicked" u said as everyone at ur table got up to go o P.E.
At P.E.:
u got ur p.e. locker and changed, ur lockerwas next to Leedove's.
"hey," you began to say to Leedove "who else is in this class?"
"hhhmmm, let' see" se began, "there's Kura, Dslash, Tyler Britt, and NSF. the rest of the class I don't really know much about.
"NSF?" u asked "what's that supposed to stand for?"
No one knows" Leedove said and chuckled a bit "he owns a little video game and comic book store."
"cool" u said as you both head out into the gym.
"hi Gigi" someone said from behind you u turn around and it was Dslash "how cool we have the same class" he said
"did you here something?" you asked Leedove
"sounded like a fart" she said as you both started to walk away, suddenly-
Leedove's POV:
suddenly something pulled ur hair, turned you around and punched u in the face. You knew it was Dslash who did it cause he said,
"I've had enough of ur shit, Leedove!" before he hit you in the face, you fell to the ground and Killy and the gang ran up to u, but Gigi wasn't there.
Gigi's POV:
"what the hell was that for!?" you yelled at him the teacher was no where to be seen (the teacher was actually taking a smoke in the janitor's closet, but only I know that ^___^)
"she got annoying, and so have you." he said with a smirk on his face.
(me: sorry, you'll have to wait ^____^ p.s. chapter 4 does have a fight)
there ya go ch. 3 what do ya think?
p.s. i got some art that i would like to know what peeps think let me know

/* */


i'm on fire!

2009-08-10 21:22:01 by gigi6676

okay! i made chapter two and i'm REALLY bored so i wanted to post it early
okay here is chapter two of anime vill:
Anime Vill episode two: new school, new encounters
Gigi's POV: note: POV=point of view ^^
"SHIT!!" Gigi yelled to herself "I'm gonna be late!! Where the hell is Killy!? suddenly, u here a car horn outside ur house so u look out the window and see Killy in a __________ (idk what car he drives, make one up but it can't have a roof and it has to be black) with some other guy with blond hair and a black beanie hat in the front seat next to him.
"COME ON GIGI!!!" Killy yelled "WERE GONNA BE LATE!!!"
"coming!" u say as you grab ur backpack and run out the door.
*at school* Josh's (supersonicdude109) POV:
u guys jumped out the car.
"okay," Killy says "all ya have to do is go to the office pick up ur schedule and go to ur home room."
"I don't think she's an idiot Killy," u began to say sarcastically, "u know what to do right?" you asked Gigi
"yep! and if I need help I'll ask u guy! ^^"
"cool-" u were saying as the bell interrupted you
"see ya!" Killy said as you and him ran to ur first class
(u both have all the same classes for the whole day)
Gigi's POV:
you go to the office get a schedule and went off to find class room, B209 (it's a big highschool...oh, boy)
"I'de happy to go to this class if I new where the hell it was." you mumble to yourself. u saw a girl with brown hair that goes to her shoulders.
"um, excuse me? " you asked her
"yes?" the girl asked you
"can u help me get to room B209?" u asked her
" yeah" she said "that's my first class, I was gonna skip the class but I'll just say i was helping u get to ur class"
"thanks!!" you say
Girl's POV:
"so ur that new student, huh?" you asked her
"yep, my names Gigi! ^^" she said
"well my names Leedove" u told her "and heres our classroom."
Gigi's POV:
you enter and the room and the teacher was not there so you just decided to follow Leedove to her desk.
everyone was talking and laughing except for 2 kids
a boy with black hair and a white t-shirt and a scar on his right eye (if you know who this is yet, he's not wearing a cloak because it's in his locker) and a girl with white hair to her shoulders and a short sleeve white shirt with blue stripes. (if u know who THIS is yet, she's not wearing a jacket cuz it's in her locker) The girl was behind the boyand the were both just looking forward as if they were completely zoned out. the girl seemed to be concentrating something a little, but u couldn't tell what. you just stood next to Leedove until the teach came in.
"class take ur seats!" he said
" don't have one!" you said everyone started to laugh.
" well you can take a seat next to...-" he started to say until he was interrupted
"You can sit on my lap!" a boy yelled
"RICK!!!" the teacher yelled (idk, the name is totally made up)"GO TO TH OFFICE THIS INSANT!!!!!)"
"yes sir" the kid said as u gave him the "I will kill u glare"
White haired girl's POV:
u had paid no attention to anything that just happened until the teacher said "Gigi, you can sit next to Kura."
'danm, that's MY name isn't it?' you thought as she sat at the desk next to you.
"hi." she said sweetly my name is- you interrupted her
" if I heard what ur name was up there why do u think I want to hear it again?" u said to her harshly, u didn't even look at her you were doodling on some notebook paper.
Gigi's POV:
whata jerk! you thought as she continued to doodle
"don't pay any attention to her" the boy in front of her turned around "she doesn't like anybody" he said as he smiled at her
"shut up. why do u think I hate everyone hear? I hate them all because they all treat me wih disrespect... like you." she said in a cold and harsh voice she looked up and glared at the boy.
"good to know, Kura," he said sarcastically at her then looked at u "by the way, my name is Kingzant" he said
"KINGzant?" u asked then Kura interrupted
"not like a real king, his parents probably thought very highly of him... huh, I wonder why they thought of that?
doesn't look like royal material" she said still drawing, now with a big smirk on her face.
"are you three done talking yet?" the teacher said to the three of you.
"yep ^^" Kingzant said "sorry teach" the teacher mumbled something then went back to the lesson.
the rest of the day went by quickly then it was time to have lunch.
yu got ur food and sat down at a table then someone tapped ur shoulder. u look up and it was-
n not really but who ws it really?
Dslash? Josh?
Killy? Kingzant?
Leedove? Kura?
(santa? what the?!)
(me: idk u never know!) see ya next time^^
there ya go ^^
chapter two
please enjoy vid and pic

/* */
i love the sparta remixes ^^
THIS, IS, KAIBA!! (the pic)

i'm on fire!


2009-08-09 21:33:33 by gigi6676

okay r u ready to ROCK!!!!???? lol.
here is CHAPTER ONE of...
(i waited a week for that title? T_T)
(me: what u got any suggestions!?)
seriously, any ideas on a title?
well here it is ^^
Anime Vill. Episode 1:
Welcome to Anime Vill!
note: POV means point of view.
(Gigi's POV)
"one mile to Anime Vill" the sign read.
u were so glad that u were almost there. U have been traveling for about 4 days. And since u didn't have a car u had to travel by foot (a lot of people didn't have cars in this world.)
one mile later...
(Killy's POV)
it was a Saturday and it was 8:00am
"Josh, I'm going 4 my walk!" you yell across the house so Josh could hear u.
"deal with it." u say, and head out for ur walk.
(Dslash's POV)
U were already on ur stroll when u saw a girl with brown hair a little lower than her shoulders with a bag and a piece of paper across the street from u. She looked like she was looking for a building.
"Do u need help with something?" u hear someone say to her.
(Killy's POV)
"Do u need help with something?" u ask the girl.
"Yes," she says "I'm trying to find the police station. I'm new here and I need to register."
"Oh I can help u!" a voice came from across the street. u both turn ur heads to see a guy in a tux walking across the street.
"Great, it's Dslash." u mumbled.
"Who?" the girl asks.
(Gigi's POV)
"Who?" u ask,
"Dslash, probably one of the most popular kids our high school has ever seen. He's a total snob, u should stay away from him." Killy say's
"so what is ur name?" Dslash asks
"the name is Gigi" u say in a harsh tone.
"well," Dslash say's "I can take u to the police station-"
"no thank u," u say coldly, "this man has already offered"
"I did?" Killy says
"yes, now let's go." u both start to fast walk away from Dslash.
(Dslash's POV)
they both quickly start to walk away from u.
Damn! u thought, a girl has never stood up to ME. I'll have to teach her some manners on her first day of school. an evil grin appears on his face (NOT "TEACH HER A LESSON" LIKE THAT, U PERVERTS!!! HE'S TALKING ABOUT A FIGHT!!!) (oh.)
(Killy's POV)
"I hate that guy!" u say.
"I see what u mean." Gigi says , "there is something evil about him.
u both walk in silence for the rest of the walk
"ah! here it is!" u say as u both reach the police station.
"thank u for taking me here!" Gigi says "I would have never of found it!"
"any time, hey do want me to take u to school tomorrow?" u ask.
"if it isn't a hassle it would be awesome if u could take me! here's my address." she hands u a piece of paper with her address on it. "bye" she says as she went into the police station.
u finish ur walk and go home.

Anime vill, Episode one: end
what do ya think?
please comment
oh yeah! i drew this and i think it's one of the best i've drawn ^^

/* */
i love this song!!
p.s. check out my new art!! ^^
still not scouted yet... damn }=(
welli got a pm sayin i was but it din't do jack shit!!
what the fuck is that!?


ls of the character profiles...again

2009-08-07 14:52:59 by gigi6676

okay here r the last of the character profiles
next is chapter one. i still don't have a good title right now i'm just callin it Anime Vill.
any suggestions let me know.
p.s. if u missed the other profiles, go back 2 post and start readin!!
tyler britt/ death2012
leather jacket
black shirt w/ skull
blue jeans rip on left knee
black top hat
black sunglasses
power: sound (it'll be explained...eventually)
u were born in Adrian
then moved to Anime vill after the attack
with ur father. he didn't care much about u
and when u were 17 he got u a small little 2 bedroom house next to Dslash's place s u two were best buds and hung out at school a lot.
since u were from Adrian u have the symbol
and it is a tattoo on ur back.
(wicked!!) (me: yep ^^)
NSF/ narutosonicfan
blue long sleeve shirt
back baggy pants
blue hair (spikes up a bit)
power: speed (run fast, ect.)
u were born in Adrian as well so u had the symbol as a tattoo on the back of ur neck
(why do all the guys get tattoos!?) (me: what was I supposed to do, make them wear bracelets or necklaces!?)
and now u live in Anime vill. u were smarter than some others and popular and had a good sense of humor. u own a small store that sells anime comics and video games and the second floor of the store is ur 2 bedroom house
there u have it!! p.s. enjoy vid and pic!
the pic is wat i want my prom dress to be ^^

/* */

ls of the character profiles...again